Successful for over seventy years.

Founded by Mr Rudolf Werner in 1949, WERNER CONSULT has developed into one of the largest and most important civil engineering companies in Austria with approximately 200 employees. The company is based in Vienna, with branches in Salzburg and Graz. The main activities are in the areas of transport infrastructure planning, structural engineering, superstructure engineering, hydraulic engineering and construction management.

The scope of work ranges from reports and studies to the general planning of major projects including all ancillary services. Underlying the decades of relevant work and the strength and competence of the management team and staff, there is a wealth of experience in the areas of planning, design and processing of the execution of construction projects at home and abroad.

Famous buildings at home and abroad attest to the successful operation of the company.

Committed to quality.

WERNER CONSULT is governed by the strict regulations and professional rules of civil engineers, which impose a compulsory personal liability on the part of each civil engineer for the services provided by him or her, resulting in a constant commitment to quality.

The management of WERNER CONSULT sees quality as a key objective of its corporate policy and its implementation as a priority management task. It was therefore at a very early stage that a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001 was introduced and integrated into the daily work of the company. Thus it can be ensured that the organisational, commercial and technical activities are planned, managed, implemented and monitored in an appropriate manner and that the best possible quality services are delivered to our clients.



  • Railway design

    Never too old to play with trains

    Routing and overall planning of railway lines, stations and terminals.

  • Road design

    From the cycle path to the motorway

    General renovation and new construction of the areas for moving and stationary traffic.

  • Airport design

    The best ground for you

    Overall planning of all flight operations areas (aprons, taxiways and runways) in new construction as well as refurbishments during ongoing operations.

  • Structural Engineering

    Shaping and stability

    From tunnels to bridges to high-rise buildings, we plan and calculate structures for people and vehicles.

  • Hydraulic engineering

    Protecting habitats – creating habitats

    From flood protection to renaturation, from hydropower plants to wastewater treatment plants – we take care of standing and flowing waters.

  • Construction Management Engineering

    Kilometre-long support

    Control, coordination and supervision in civil engineering and infrastructure construction.

  • Construction Management Building

    From large to small, from old to new

    Tendering, control and monitoring of complex building construction projects.


1949Office was founded by DI Rudolf Werner
1965 Civil Engineering Office DI Rudolf Werner – DI Helmut Werner
1972 Civil Engineering Office DI Helmut Werner
1998 Werner Consult Civil Engineering Company
1998 Grand Opening of the Branch in Salzburg
1998 Certification pursuant to ISO 9001
2003 Grand Opening WERNER CONSULT-Office Building 1200 Vienna, Leithastraße 10
2004 Purchase of X-Pert Bauabwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
2006 WERNER CONSULT s.r.o. Bratislava was founded
2008 Grand Opening of the Branch in Graz
2017 Purchase of WINDERL INGENIEURE GmbH Munich
2022Rebranding WINDERL INGENIEURE GmbH into WERNER CONSULT Ingenieure GmbH

Sustainability at Werner Consult

Climate protection and sustainability are values we live by. When it comes to contributing to the protection of our environment, we don’t let anything or anyone stop us.

In our company, we are constantly implementing sustainable measures such as the expansion of e-mobility and the promotion of the use of public transport (we save around 49 tonnes of CO² annually in this way), the banning of plastic bottles and much more. Our road planning has recently started to rely more on cycle paths – we offer company bikes, and also provide a lockable, weather-protected room for all bicycles.

Above all, the photovoltaic system on the roof of our Vienna headquarters contributes to this – for more than 2 years, we have thus been working to a large extent exclusively with “home-produced” solar power. Recently, we have been able to supply electric cars with clean electricity at up to 12 parking spaces.

Of course, we also pay a lot of attention to sustainability in our projects. We were even awarded the Austrian Green Planet Award for our work on the Austria Pavilion at the EXPO in Dubai.