Full speed on track.

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of the railway infrastructure design in all phases.
In the following, we have compiled for you the main areas of focus of our activities in this field.

We find a way…

The “road design” department works on projects at home and abroad. The area of responsibility extends from the parking lots and redevelopment of regional roads up to national major projects as well as highly complex interdisciplinary projects in sensitive planning areas.

Road planning represents one of the traditional competencies of WERNER CONSULT. Competent employees are experienced in all areas of planning and project management through to process-ready Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Only flying is more beautiful.

With our planning, we create the structural prerequisites to ensure that everything in the “airside” area works well. Our strengths lie in the overall planning of new or refurbished aircraft movement areas (aprons, taxiways, runways) and monitoring to be carried out mostly during full operation works.

Expertise and operational readiness…

… of the employees in the “Construction Management Engineering” department are an asset that should be used. Knowledge contributes to the fruits of a resource only when it is brought into an application and used. We therefore focus on projects in civil engineering, road construction, hydraulic engineering, railway and tunnel building whose areas of performance we can competently cover.

Competancy of the purest water.

Hydraulic engineering is a core competency of WERNER CONSULT. With more than 30 highly qualified employees and a number of external experts, we are well equipped to tackle all challenges of hydraulic engineering as well as to realise unusual large-scale projects.

Best-fit in the structural design.

In structural engineering we can draw on a large and capable team based in Vienna, allowing us to provide support for powerful project teams working on major challenging projects. Because of this capacity, the use of modern 3D CAD software and high performance computing software and the use of digital platforms, we can provide our project clients with excellent know-how, offering both flexibility and punctuality.

Free up your imagination.

The successful implementation of your project requires, inter alia, technical expertise and adequate resources. Our consultancy services can relieve you of an agreed proportion of your construction management tasks. Consequently, you can focus on your core tasks secure in the knowledge that your project is in good hands. We manage your project so that your imagination is set free.